Marriage Ministry

WE ARE ONE, Genesis 1:26-27 Time is essential in today marriage and we has the responsibilities of raising a family, success at work and keeping up with our own busy schedules, nurturing our marriage can easily move down on our list of priorities. Here are Seven Principles of a Healthy Marriage.

  1. Trust and Believe in God - We believe the number one essential is to allow God to control our lives and our marriages.

  2. Talk To Me - Feeling understood in your marriage is one of the greatest feelings a couple can have, yet feeling misunderstood can be one the greatest challenges in your marriage. We believe that good communication is a major component of a healthy marriage and we to help you to have great communication with your spouse.

  3. Romance Settle It - The power of romance and intimacy to nurture a marriages are our greatest ally and without it - it can become its greatest enemy. We want to help couples recognize that we each have unique needs and remember that our spouse has unique needs as well.

  4. We Are Differences - God created men and women to be totally different and we celebrate it. As couples we can use those differences to complement and serve each other or we can allow our difference to push us apart. We believe that couples should seek to understand, love and accept each other's differences.

  5. Family Quiet Time - Spend time together as a family is an important priority in a successful marriage. We believe that the grass is always greener where you water it so our schedules must reflect the priority of home.

  6. Togetherness - One essential that every healthy marriage needs is security and protection. We believe that couples need to know that together we can work anything out.

  7. Help Me - Heal Me - We bare the infirmities of the weak and through sickness and distress, we need to be there for each other that make me laugh, comfort me, and tell it will be alright through the tough time.