Youth Ministry

Ephesians 6: 1- 3, Prepare them to Success: To impact the youth in our congregation and community by:

  1. Reflecting God's love to them

  2. Helping them know Christ and become more like Him

  3. Calling all youth to embrace Jesus in age appropriate ways

  4. Training students to build God's Kingdom to their fullest potential

Nourish and grow them become loving, productive disciple makers in God's Kingdom who are competent in and enthusiastic Godly values as follows: 

Learn the Word = possess a strong biblical foundation; 

Aspire to Serve = learn their gifts and passions to serve God by serving others

Nurture one another = care for one another; 

Equip them to evangelize = are equipped and eager to share their faith to lead others to Christ; and 

Realign our Priorities = are committed to Jesus and his church for whom worship is a lifestyle.